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Web Design Miami has dozens of satisfied clients all around South Florida because we have been in business since 1995.  We are a full digital marketing agency with extensive business experience.

What makes us so different is that we have four people working on each and every project.  We have found that programmers and designers are nothing alike.  We’ve had too many clients over the years that told us horror stories about pretty layouts with functions that didn’t work and others told us about lackluster designs that had all the functions they needed.  This problem comes up so often because there is no minimum requirement by any government agency in order to call yourself a website designer.

Web Design Miami

Think about what that would be like in any other industry.  To drive an 18 wheeler you need extensive training and a specific type of driver’s license.  We don’t want just anyone getting behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler flying down Biscayne Blvd. Even the person who cuts and styles your hair was required to pass an exam and is regulated by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation. A web designer has no regulation at all and this is why so many people have so many problems. This is why experience matters so much in our business and we can refer you to literally dozens of clients that we’ve worked with and continue to work with since 1995.

So how can you pick the best Miami web designer?

web design miamiOften people call or email us to get a price because they don’t want to waste our time or their time if our prices are too high. We haven’t stayed in business since 1995 by charging too much. You’ll find that we offer very affordable website design. We at Web Design Miami have always felt that a face to face meeting with a potential new client is the best way to get started. Contact us today for a free, no obligation meeting (or phone call or email if that’s your preference) to get a written price quote on your next web development project.

Look at the type of projects in the portfolio and see if they represent the type of work you want.  You may also want to contact some existing customers and see what they have to say about the company.  Below you can see what some of our clients say about us.

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