Web design can be divided into a few categories and luckily for you one category you no longer need to concern yourself with is a mobile web design. Back in the old days (last year) it was important to have a mobile version of your website because so many people had smart phones and tablets. Computer sales are continuing to fall and nobody can say how far computer sales will bottom out.

Everyone is using smart phones and tablets, won’t I need a mobile site?

The great news is that now we are making what is known as Responsive Web Design which means that your new website will detect the device the viewer is using and it will actually reshape itself to fit the device being used.

Responsive Web Design Miami

 Types of Web Design

  • Robust, custom programming to suit your specific needs.
  • Ecommerce web design to sell products online.
  • Social networking web development for sites where viewers form communities.
  • CMS or Content Management System web design so that you can add new pages, change text, images and videos.
  • Basic web design to have just a few pages online like the Internet version of a brochure.

We have been a Miami area web design company since 1995 and we’ve seen a lot of changes in what types of programming we can do.  One thing that has never changed is that most people like to have full control over their website and the do NOT want to have to pay a programmer every time they need to make some update.  For this reason the CMS type makes up such a large part of our work that there is no reason to even discuss basic sites.  It should also be noted that all Ecommerce web development begins as a CMS or Content Management System website in which we connect a gateway with a merchant account. Additionally a social networking website is always a CMS website in which the owner may be able to run banner advertising or sell memberships and products.

Since almost everything is a CMS project or a CMS site that sells products, which is what we call Ecommerce; the examples we show here will all fit into those two categories.

When we first began our company in 1995 there weren’t many options and today we have more options than ever.  For example in the past you would always have needed a programmer or designer to make any updates for you.  Now almost every new website is a CMS or Content Management System web design.  We have clients that are lawyers, dentists, roofers and owners of dozens of other types of business and they are all able to add pictures, videos and text without our help.  It is great to know that you can keep your site fresh and current without waiting on a programmer and without paying fees for every little update.

Sometimes a client for budgetary reasons or just to keep things simple only needs or wants us to buy an inexpensive design template on their behalf and then other times we create a custom design just for them.  By far most of our work is custom web development and custom design.  Having said that the website you are viewing right here, right now is a WordPress site with a template. The fact remains that we offer robust programming and web development and no project is ever too large or complex for our team. It is also important to note that all of our newest projects are responsive web design.  What this means is that the shape changes to fit the device so that you no longer need a special mobile website.  Your new online presence will look great on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

wordpress programmer

Often people tell us that they want a WordPress design because they have heard it is easy to use. Without any programming skills almost anyone can make updates and add new pages or even add entire new sections. There are a lot of Content Management Systems and we think that WordPress may be the most popular one or at least the one most people have heard of before. There are literally thousands of designers all around the world who are very experienced in WordPress so if you ever do need help you will easily find assistance. There are many widgets and plug-ins that can be added to increase the functionality as well.

joomla programmer

Some programmers prefer to use Joomla for their CMS or e-commerce web design projects. Although this platform is not as well known to the public as some others the software have been downloaded over 35 million times so a lot of people like this development system. As you might have guessed there are thousands of extensions a developer can add to increase the type of robust functions that can be included. There are also plenty of design themes ready for download and the vast majority and certainly almost every new one will be mobile ready. Some famous brands like General Electric, eBay and IKEA use Joomla.

drupal programmer

Most of the people we meet have never heard of Drupal. However Drupal has more than a million programmers in 228 countries who speak a total of 181 different languages and they prefer this as their web development choice. You may be surprised to learn that this is the development platform used by The White House and it can handle anything from a simple personal blog to a full enterprise site. There are already more than 24,000 modules that can be added along with over 1,800 design themes. One thing programmers like is that this is open source code so it is constantly being updated and improved by programmers everywhere.

dreamweaver programmer

Before we ever had WordPress, Joomla or Drupal we used Dreamweaver to custom program whatever we wanted. Before Dreamweaver we just used Notepad. All of the other platforms are still important because many times we can find some specific feature a client wants which has already been developed. This way we may not need to custom program something from the beginning. Most of the time our client’s needs are unique to their specific type of business and since we are very skilled in custom development no project is ever too complex for us to handle.

With so many programming and development options how are you to decide which option is best for you? In a way it is similar to trying to decide between Ford, General Motors, Toyota and so many other cars; they all will drive from point A to point B.  When it comes to custom programming and robust web development you only need to speak with us and we will make suggestions as to which platform will work the best for your specific business type and your needs.